My photographs are the materialization of ideas or perceptions that usually come from the intuitive. A concept arises, and this becomes almost an obsession that I need to carry out and complete.

I believe that the concrete circumstances of each individual shape a particular identity, a discourse and a certain way of acting. In art, try to be as faithful to these criteria and determine the way in which one wants to express, justify and give value to the work.

The plain, the simple, the intangible, even the unnoticed are often the vehicle that inspires my projects.


Professional Experience

2011 – 2016

Private study of photography / workshops and courses in Digital Photography and Photo Editing.


Director of the Department of Design and Image in Baluarte -Madrid, ES


Director of the Department of Design and Image in N. Mundo – Madrid, ES


Collaboration in a private study of Art, Photography and Design – Madrid, ES


Collaboration in Restoration Study of Art Works – Madrid, ES




International Master in Conceptual Photography – EFTI (International Center of Photography and Cinema) – Madrid, ES


Title of Professional Photography – EFTI (International Center of Photography and Film)


Art and Restoration Course at Paris College of Arts, Paris, FR


Degree in Restoration of Works of Art, CEROA – Madrid, ES


Degree in Restoration of Artworks, CEROA – Madrid, ES


Awards, Contests and Exhibitions


Exhibitions in different entities of the Community of Madrid such as the Rigoberta Menchu Cultural Center, Anabel Segura Art Center, Kaleidoscope Cultural Center (among others)


Honorable Mention in the 5th Convocation Photo Contest of the National Library – Madrid, ES


First Prize at the Photography Competition ABC RevelArte, Community of Madrid.


Workshops and Seminars


Workshops with National and International Artists; Workshop of Creativity and Photographic Work (Three months of duration with Javier Vallhonrat.

Workshops with Artists such as Chema Madoz, Daniel Canogar, Jesus Micó, Alfonso Zubiaga, (among others.)

Workshops with foreign artists such as Simon Norfolk, Peter Bialobrzeski, Angelica Dass, among others.